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The marketplace doesn't pay for your "passion" 
or skill; the marketplace pays for value.
Showcasing your          is your first priority.

The marketplace doesn't pay for "passion" or skill; the marketplace only pays for        .

I received a $130K job offer, the highest salary I've earned to date!

I began to control my career narrative and hiring managers actually began to view my experience as a positive, so much so that I received a $130K job offer, the highest salary I have earned to date....Read more

I landed my first keynote and secured two coaching clients at $15K each!

Jeanny Chai.jpg

Before joining Renessa's Perfect Work Academy, I would have never thought I could get paid to do this work! I couldn't believe people would want to listen to, learn from, and PAY ME for my life experiences. She...Read more

We went from nothing
to $350K in funding!

Paula Rippenkroeger.jpg

 In a few short weeks, we went from nothing to filming, securing $350K in funding and lining up product sponsors and investors interested in our movie project. We've so got this! Now, I can officially say I'm a ...Read more

We were pleased to see employees take greater ownership of their careers

Renessa’s message from Conversations in the Fast Lane is a conversation every company should gift to its employees. We ordered 400 books and conducted this workshop on multiple sites. We were pleased to see our...Read more

It was great to watch Renessa work her magic on our group

As a partner in a Big Four firm, I've seen countless speakers and trainers. Magic happens when a speaker can entertain a group yet still impart strategies that help people improve their leadership. It was great to partner with...Read more

Kelvin made a HUGE career shift...
to the White House!

Her program took me from wondering if my ministry experience had been a total waste to landing a job leading a key initiative for the White House National Security Team. I fit in my new role doing so much of...Read more

Renessa is the best coach
I've ever had...

Renessa was to the point, tough love, total results. If you are a high achiever, if you're not satisfied and you know you want more, she is the coach for you! Take the action, you'll THANK ME!...Read more 

Within a month of her coaching,

I secured a new job.

Jerry Tanaka 
Supply Chain Operations Leader, San Francisco

Within a month of Renessa's coaching, my inner confidence resurfaced and helped focus and hone into what I wanted. I was able to secure a new job that, not only fit my strengths and experience from the past...Read more

With raise after raise,
I have doubled my salary!

With raise after raise, I have doubled my salary and begun to elevate myself as a leading authority in my field. I've even been highly paid to consult for other organizations outside of my company. These major...Read more

I walked away developing
a whole new product!

Lee Rubin
Author & Speaker,

Renessa turned me in a completely different direction by drilling into my passions and connecting the dots to my unique background. I walked away developing a whole new product and a brand new way to...Read more

We were thrilled to include Renessa in our lineup of incredible speakers.

We were thrilled to include Renessa in our lineup of incredible speakers for our Fun, Fit & Fabulous Women's Health Conference, and based on the rave reviews from our participants, she did not disappoint. By the end...Read more

I secured my first two corporate gigs with a major Fortune 500 company 

When I first started Renessa’s program, I had all this information and all these ideas for how I wanted to serve people through my work, but I had no idea how to package it and make it useful. Going through the...Read more

It really is my dream job,
and I love going to work every day!

 Thank you for giving me the push I needed at the perfect time. So many people were telling me that I would never get hired in the operating room without years of hospital experience and I'm so glad ...Read more

97.4% of participants asked to bring Renessa back as keynote for next year

We hired Renessa to do a couple of breakout sessions at our annual student leadership conference. The demand for her breakouts was so great that we had to turn students away and 97.4% of participants asked to bring Renessa...Read more

I was thinking of going back to the corporate world until...

Renessa helped me get my passion back and move my business in a different direction, leveraging different strategies and promotions. You will love her straightforward @$% - kicking! Renessa will help you achieve...Read more 

If you want your students to succeed, bring Renessa to your next event

If you want to equip your students to succeed right now and far into the future, you owe it to them to bring Renessa to your next event...Read more

Renessa was the right blend of strong content, humor and connection

Renessa was the perfect addition to our speaker lineup for NABA's Aspiring Leaders Development Institute. Her full day program equipped, challenged, and inspired our new and aspiring managers to raise their leadership bar. It was the...Read more

She was completely worth the time and money!

Renessa read me right away and knew what my strengths and weaknesses were in getting clients to need and “want” me. Her tools and techniques worked. As I go forward into more freelance work, I'm far less scared of the transition...Read more

Renessa gave them skills to transform how they show up in the marketplace.

The info Renessa shared with our interns went so far beyond the mechanics of how to get a job. She gave them skills to transform how they show up in the marketplace. This is the "stuff behind the stuff" every undergrad and...Read more

Renessa took me from confusion to clarity in my business

Suzy Manning
CEO, Suzy Manning - Empowering Women at Midlife

Renessa took me from confusion to clarity in my business in one conversation. She listens. She knows the powerful questions to ask, and then she lasers in on what action is needed. I acted and the result...success!

You energized a large audience and inspired people to be more... 

Dale Morris 
Global Head of Manufacturing, Applied Materials

You energized a large audience and inspired people to be more and do more! We are so grateful for your passion around helping people and for triggering a culture change vision in so many of our staff. 

Renessa's talk to the Georgetown students was fantastic!

Renessa’s talk to the Georgetown students was fantastic! I put every one of her tips into action the very same week, and as a result, I stood out amongst my peers in a very intense interview process for a fellowship...Read more

You have impacted my life to do more, be more & give more.

Phila Justice Gaba 
4th Year Student, University of California, Merced

Your program was awesome! Your presentation reminded me of the purpose of why I'm in school. You have impacted my life to do more, be more and give more. You're amazing! Once again, thank you. I loved your message!

We were so impressed that she's already in the budget for next year!

The Fast Lane, Wrong Direction message is important for students entering college and is even more critical as they exit and launch their professional careers. I hired Renessa to speak at our...Read more

Our sessions leave me with the tools to achieve my dreams

Renessa isn’t afraid to challenge me to delve deep within myself to understand who I am, my relationship to my Creator, and to uncover my deepest passions. Our sessions provide me with the tools that can help me achieve...Read more

Her energy, expertise and ability to engage the audience was fantastic.

Our leadership program participants benefited greatly from Renessa’s session on Career Management. Her energy, expertise and ability to engage the audience was fantastic. Participants left seeing new ways to move...Read more

Renessa was the definite choice!

Finiana Joseph
Caribbean Professionals Network

When I heard Renessa kick off our Leadership Roundtable, she became the definite choice to open our “Leadership at the Top” student event at American University.

Renessa was one of the most sought after speakers in the room

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos
Coordinate, Christine Comaford's 7-Figure Summit

Her poise, passion and fun personality made Renessa one of the most sought after speakers in the room. Renessa is an amazing leader who rocks any room she’s in with love and optimism!

I would like to recognize Renessa for a job well done

Kristen Young
HR Specialist, US Small Business Administration

As someone who has been in Human Resources both in private and now the federal sector, I would like to recognize Renessa for a job well done. I don’t think we could have asked for better.

Hands-down, Renessa was fantastic!

Traci Allen
Event Manager, Body Language Institute

Renessa was one of only two people we invited to speak to our group. She was credible, current and delivered content that immediately impacted out attendee's success. Hands down, she was fantastic!

The interviewer gave me an offer on the spot!

I just wanted to let you know I got a new job as a Valuation Analyst at a private firm, and it was almost entirely due to the resume! The interviewer said I had a very impressive resume and he gave me an offer on the spot...Read more

We had a marvelous time at Renessa's training

We had a marvelous time at Renessa's training. Everyone from the stewards to the supervising chefs were impacted. We laughed, we bonded and, more importantly, we raised the bar on our leadership and...Read more

I have to tell you, everyone compliments me on that resume! 

Everyone compliments me on that resume! One guy talked about it for 5 minutes because all the other ones he looked at sucked. I have relayed to NRECA how awesome you are and what a benefit I believe the service...Read more

Renessa will inspire your audience to be their best in life and in business

James Malinchak
Featured in ABC's TV Show Secret Millionaire and co-author of Chicken Soup for the College Soul

If you're looking for energy, vitality and someone who tells it like it is with an unmistakable charm, Renessa is your go-to speaker. She will inspire your audience to be their best in life and in business.

Renessa's half-day seminar was fantastic!

Renessa’s half-day seminar was fantastic! So much energy, so much wit, so much emotion…every single person was engaged – just what an event planner looks for. If you’re looking for a person who will have an instant impact...Read more

I'm seeing results every day in people around me and it's amazing!

Since working with you, I’ve become rather respected in my circle. I’m the person people come running to because I’m focused and able to make decisions right there and then. I’ve become attuned to people's strengths...Read more

We would be honored to have you back!

On behalf of our Professional Women’s Group Program, I would like to express my gratitude. Our women were very receptive and the feedback was tremendous,...Read more

You've been the best presenter to speak at one of our meetings.

I was incredibly impressed with your presentation. Your speaking style is phenomenal, and I loved the way you engaged the audience. As a person who has given many academic and professional lectures, I tend to be overly...Read more

My group loved this material and loved Renessa when she presented it!

Vanessa Ferreira 
Founder, New Jersey Unleashed

When it comes to the discipline to hit both your business or personal goals, this program is what everybody needs! My group loved this material and LOVED RENESSA when she presented it!

Renessa simply dazzles!

Terence Noonan
5-time Emmy Award Winning Producer
including The Dr. Oz Show

Renessa simply dazzles! She's a huge value-add to any audience. I highly recommend her.

My resume was transformed from dull and unexciting...

Walt Tolpa
Major Accounts Manager

The coaching sessions were really effective. My resume was transformed from dull and unexciting to incorporate clarity, highlight strengths, merit, capabilities and most important accomplishments. I'm delighted to report great results - a job offer last week! 

Renessa is insightful, energetic & fun. With no doubt, I will do this again.

She is such a great facilitator. Her insights were so helpful and we learned to communicate even better with each other. I learned that being in a position of leadership, it's so important to take time for ourselves even as we...Watch more

Renessa just crushed it!

To get students to walk out of a seminar saying, "I'm going to put this into action the minute I leave here" is really powerful...Watch more

She began to feel like a part of our team. I definitely recommend Renessa!

Renessa helped us reflect on our different personalities and approaches to communication in a way that I can really tell the team is even closer together. We've been equipped with real tools to work together...Watch more

I look forward to working with Renessa again in the future

Cynthia Leach 
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, PEP Program

Renessa has inspired, uplifted and jumpstarted the "Pep" in their steps. I look forward to working with Renessa in the near future. Thanks again!

Renessa is engaging, dynamic and authentic!

Cindy Owyoung
Founder, Breaking Glass Forums

Renessa spoke at my live event. She is engaging, dynamic and authentic, qualities that make the audience really listen to what she is saying and internalize the insightful pieces of wisdom that she imparts.

I cannot express how much your presentation impacted our students

S'Neta Benefield
Program Manager, Envision Experience

I cannot begin to express to you just how much your keynote presentation impacted our students. I hope you left Stanford University feeling very full from their and my gratitude for you showing up and showing out! 

I wanted to shift to something more strategic...

I was at the point in my career where I didn’t want to play in the same sandbox anymore. I had been in tech for over 20 years in various technical and sales roles and wanted to shift to something more strategic...Read more

Renessa is engaging, dynamic and authentic!


It's clear from Fast Lane, Wrong Direction that Renessa just gets it. She's been in Corporate America. She's climbed the ladder. She gets it. Watch more

I learned how to get out of my own way!


Renessa has a great way of turning thoughts that scare into ones that absolutely inspire. Watch more

If you need a great speaker and coach, you have to have Renessa!

barbara niven.jpg

If you're looking for a high-powered individual who can take you places, you've got to call on Renessa.
Watch more

I’m 5 months into my new role and I love it!


Jae Spikes
Former Network Engineer

“I’m 5 months into my new role and I still love it. While it comes with a new dynamic (traveling), being able to do what I love outweighs it all since it has impacted my personal life as well. I’m a much better version of myself.“​

It’s exactly the right opportunity to live out my passion!


“As you advised, I  positioned myself to join the Board of Directors for a great organization. Even more exciting, my church announced a partnership to train and develop compassion-driven changemakers...Read More

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