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The marketplace doesn't pay for your "passion" 
or skill; the marketplace pays for value.
Demonstrating your          is your first priority.


I was at the point in my career where I didn’t want to play in the same sandbox anymore. I had been in tech for over 20 years in various technical and sales roles and wanted to shift to something more strategic. Although I had most of the skills in the newly desired role, I had no experience. I also had a few gaps in my resume to overcome. 

There was a lot of work to be done on the “make-over”, but more importantly on the mental side. I initially had difficulty seeing myself in the new role especially when looking at the job listings that required 10+ years of experience doing XYZ. Renessa explained how my experience translated to the new role & if she sensed any hesitation would call me out on it. Once I became committed to looking, I landed my first role as a Strategic Alliance Manager within 4 months! There’s absolutely no way, I could have done that without Renessa or someone with her skill set. She was a pleasure to work with & someone I consider a lifelong mentor.

Randy Fienberg
Strategic Alliance Manager, San Francisco, CA

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