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RENESSA BOLEY LAYNE is author of the book Fast Lane, Wrong Direction: Insider Secrets to Redesign Your Success. She takes high-achieving women who have grown bored, burned out or unfulfilled in their current career and helps them create their "Perfect Work" - be it radically changing careers, starting a business or bringing a big idea to life. Renessa's mission is to equip women everywhere to discover, design and get highly paid doing work they love!

Renessa is a dynamic speaker and has appeared as a leading authority on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX TV affiliates across the country.  She has also been featured in publications such as Career Builder,, Heart & Soul magazine, and The Washington Post. 

Renessa hold an Industrial Engineering degree from Stanford University and brings 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success to her training. Her skill set ranges from keynotes and facilitation to career and life design coaching.


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