The marketplace doesn't pay for your "passion" 
or skill; the marketplace pays for value.
Demonstrating your          is your first priority.


 I met you around last September when you came to speak at Schreiner University in Kerrville for a Women's Leadership conference. I was in my Senior year in nursing school and you asked me what my dream job was (Operating Room Nurse). Although I was working part time at the hospital it was not in the surgery department, and you kept asking me why not.
To be honest I didn't have a good answer other than I hadn't tried because I didn't think they would hire me.
After the conference, I started asking questions and talking to people at school and at the hospital. Even though they did not have a way to hire me in the surgery department, I was able to shadow the Surgical Services Director for my Leadership and Development course. She also recommended that I look for and apply for Surgical Residency programs that provide extended training and orientation for new nurses.
I interviewed and was one of three hired to a Surgical Residency program and signed a job contract three months before graduation. I passed my boards and now I'm an operating room nurse! It really is my dream job and I love waking up and going to work everyday.
I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for giving me the push I needed at the perfect time. So many people (mainly nurses!) were telling me that I would never get hired in the OR without years of hospital experience and I'm so glad you told me not to listen to them!

Jenny Pinson
Registered Nurse, Texas