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The marketplace doesn't pay for your "passion" 
or skill; the marketplace pays for value.
Demonstrating your          is your first priority.


Renessa's program provided me with the foundation in my career and job search by helping me change the course of where my career was going by having me look at  my vision of who I am and what I really wanted to do for my career.  We completely revamped my resume so that it served as a strategic and powerful marketing tool for the career I really wanted next, not the just the roles I had before. 
I had a deep issue with my last job that left me with a negative thorn that I couldn't remove.  I tried over and over to remove this negative career thorn myself, but I wasn't very successful and it was clearly impacting my performance in interviews. Working with Renessa gave me the courage to look within myself, the confidence and to believe in myself and the skill to reposition that career experience from a place of power and strength. I began to control my career narrative and hiring managers actually began to view that experience as a positive, so much so that I received a $130K job offer, the highest salary I have earned to date!
I would highly recommend Renessa’s program because she will give you the tools that you need to find the right career direction, and the resources you need to land it.  I am so grateful that my close friend had invited to the seminar; it changed my career outlook forever.

Carmilla Denno, MBA
Finance Project Manager, California

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