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DAY 2: 

How to Connect the Dots to the Career, Business or Mission You Were Born to Lead

How to Connect the Dots to...


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  • You'll understand the critical distinction between your purpose, your mission and your that you don't waste time, money or energy on "passions" that don't pay.

  • You'll learn the "secret sauce" to getting highly paid once you're able to articulate your true purpose and mission.

  • You'll learn what makes you undeniably qualified to step into your "Perfect Work" right now.


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Renessa Boley Layne is author of the book, Fast Lane, Wrong Direction: Insider Secrets to Redesign Your Success and Reclaim the Passion, Purpose and Balance You Lost Along the Way. She works with high-achieving women who have grown bored, burned out and unfulfilled and helps them create their "Perfect Work" - be it radically changing careers, launching a business or bringing a big idea to life. Her mission is to equip high-achieving women to discover, design and get highly paid to do work they love!

Renessa is a leading authority who has been featured in publications such as Career Builder,, Heart & Soul magazine, and The Washington Post. 
Renessa holds a BS in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University. You can learn more about Renessa at


Renessa is offering the "20 Questions That Connect the Dots to the Career, Mission or Purpose You Were Born to Lead". She reveals how and why each question points you to your Perfect Work as well as the resistance you might encounter in doing the hard work and "heart work" of personal exploration. Using these questions, dynamic women have gone on movies, develop apps, launch businesses, write books, and create their "dream jobs".

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