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DAY 1 - Dec 16 

The "7 Power Gaps" that prevent women from succeeding in a career or business they love

DAY 3 - Dec 18 

How to land your dream job without connections, without prior experience, and without applying online

DAY 5 - Dec 20 

How rebalancing your home life can free you up to develop work you're passionate about

DAY 7 - Dec 22 

How to leverage LinkedIn to elevate yourself as a "thought leader",  compelling influencers, hiring managers and ideal customers to connect to you and your work

DAY 11 - Dec 27 

Insider secrets on the psychology of hiring managers and the subconscious questions they ask themselves about YOU in an interview

DAY 13 - Dec 29 

How you and your past are perfectly aligned to the career or business you want next. 

DAY 15 - Dec 31 

How to ask for what you want and negotiate your way to get it - in career, business and life.

DAY 17 - Jan 3 

Guerrilla marketing strategies to break into the hidden job market and land the career you dream about

DAY 19 - Jan 5 

The key mindset, strategies and posture women must embrace to get highly paid doing work they love.

DAY 2 - Dec 17 

How to connect the dots to the career, business, or mission you were born to lead

DAY 4 - Dec 19 

How packaging yourself as a "thought leader" can make you in-demand and highly paid  - no matter your career or business

DAY 6 - Dec 21 

Understanding the 4 unavoidable phases of entrepreneurship and the exact 5 pillars you must master to make your business a success

DAY 8 - Dec 23 

How the regular practice of slowing down and resting can become the fuel for a calmer, richer more fulfilled life as you create work you love

DAY 10 - Dec 26 

How to leverage your personal story so that clients, customers, board of directors or hiring managers can’t help but be attracted to what you offer!

DAY 12 - Dec 28 

How to succeed at a career or business you love with the flow, ease and fulfillment that makes the journey that much richer!

DAY 14 - Dec 30 

How to "work your quirks" and create an authentic personal brand that markets your value to the marketplace - online and offline

DAY 16 - Jan 2 

How to get customers, clients, hiring managers and influencers to buy into you and your work.

DAY 18 - Jan 4

Applying the "Art of Possibility" as you navigate through business and life.

DAY 20 - Jan 6 

How to "mine your truth", speak your truth, dress your truth, and live out your truth in a clear, focused and powerful way!

DAY 21 - Jan 7 

How your personal power is contagious, and when used with intention, can produce the success you crave in leadership and in life. 

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