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DAY 20: 

How to S.E.L.L. Yourself: Why you've got to buy into "you" before anyone else will.

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How to S.E.L.L. Yourself



Today's episode is all about you:

  • What you say

  • How you engage with others

  • How you look

  • How you show up in the marketplace (whether you’re living out loud or in the shadows).


All of these elements send a message to the world. …And the good news is that there’s money in your message. The bad news is that if you don’t truly know your message, you’re likely confusing people about the value you bring to the marketplace. The problem with that is… a confused mind doesn’t buy – whether that mind is a hiring manager, recruiter, customer or client.


But you’ve got to buy into you before anyone else will.


So, my guest in today's episode is Uniquely Savvy Founder and personal image consultant, Kim Peterson. Kim shows you how to S.E.L.L. yourself with an authenticity that will make you comfortable in your own skin so that you can attract ideal opportunities to you.


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Kim Peterson is a keynote speaker, trainer and personal brand & style consultant.  A 425 Magazine “Woman to Watch”, Kim started her image consultancy while homeless 19 years ago. Today, high achievers, emerging leaders, and leaders across various industries work with Kim when they want to increase their confidence, credibility, and success with greater ease.

Kim’s life is a remarkable story of resilience, overcoming, finding your own voice and being a champion for yourself and others. 


People need to buy into you first before they buy your products, services, or brand of leadership. As a personal brand and style consultant I have seen how fear keeps people from not only looking their best, but showing up and being their best -both professionally and personally.


If you want to move from fear into more freedom to be your authentic self, email me to receive my chapter, "Fear to Freedom" from my co-authored book, The Incredible Life Book: Top Experts Reveal How to Create Yours.

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