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Some People Just Won't "Get" You

I think it’s safe to say that being accepted, understood, appreciated and valued is a pretty universal desire at our core.

And when it comes to the often scary journey to get highly paid doing work we love, we especially want the validation of others to confirm we’re not as crazy as we feel at times!

The reality is, you might get your feelings hurt on that front…

I was lying in bed chatting with my husband one morning. I had accomplished something I was pretty proud of in my business, and I was sharing the highlights with him.

I wasn’t “smellin’ myself” or anything (look up that urban colloquialism if you need the definition :-)), but my latest deed was pretty kick-ass and certainly deserving of my “Super Girl” cape.

As I was deep in the recall of my "Super Deed", I hear the faint and familiar sound of…snoring.

Dude was knocked out sleep.

Now, I’m not a big talker, nor am I a woman who shares my magic moments easily. So, if I share anything at all, it’s (1) really important to me and (2) Super Girl material, at a minimum.

So to say I was a little put off at the thought of being "snore-worthy" is an understatement (even as my husband tried to play it off as if he had been listening the whole time)!

Let me preface this by saying I married well. I have loyal husband who’s an awesome provider and would give his right arm to support me, so no husband-bashing intended.

But with all his love and support of me, I’ve learned over the years that when it comes to work, my husband still doesn’t “get” me.

He doesn’t get my vision. He doesn’t share the enthusiasm of my dream.

Yes – he’s proud of me.

Yes – he wants me to continue to succeed.

Yes – he wants me to be happy in my work.

Yes, yes, yes.

But he doesn't truly understand why I've sacrificed years of blood, sweat, tears, money, and energy to find my own passion and purpose, and then turn that into a business that equips you to find yours.

Is he the partner I can pitch and catch my new ideas with when I desperately need validation?


He doesn’t really “get” the dream, nor is he nearly as fired up about it as I am.

​…And that’s okay.

Don’t be surprised if the same happens to you.

There will be people whose opinions you care about who simply won’t “get" you.

They won’t understand why you just can’t be satisfied with your current job. You may be making good money (or not), but at least you’re working. Do you know how many people wish they were working good jobs? How ungrateful can you be to want even more?

(Sound familiar?)

They may not get why you’ve tried five different roles in as many years and still can’t seem to find “your thing”.

They may not get why you left your job to start something a business wholly unprofitable right now.

They may not get why you’ve been talking about writing that book for 9 years and counting.

And they certainly may not be chomping at the bit to brainstorm with you on all the great ideas on your vision board.

Again... that’s okay.

There will be times on the journey to create work you love when you’ll have a tribe of supporters – be they friends or strangers.

Then there will be times when you’ll have to hold your vision alone.

People might believe in you, but they might not believe in it – whether “it” is your career, business, or that burning idea in your heart.

What’s real is that you’ll feel the difference, and it might not feel good… but it’s the price of admission to the Perfect Work Players Club.

Decide to deal with it.

That’s how you earn your Super Girl cape.

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