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WTH? How Mona quit her job to do work she loves.

I was connecting with the women in my Perfect Work Academy last week, checking in on their progress to strategically design their next career or business.

That’s when Mona piped up and said, “Oh, I quit my job. I left you a voicemail about it.

Me: “I’m sorry. What?”

Mona: “Yeah, tomorrow’s my last day. I feel amazing! I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner.”

Mona has been a client for a few weeks.

She helps people to dress for power, presence and promotion in the marketplace, and we were creating a strategic plan for her new business.

When she first came to me, Mona was “so over” her sales career. But she valued the financial independence and stability that came with it and planned to stay on the job until she got her business off the ground.

“So what changed?” I asked.

“My husband said he believed in me,” Mona said. “And he would support me if I was serious about figuring out my dream.”

Well isn’t that special? You might be thinking to yourself (complete with a pint of “Haterade” sitting in the pit of your belly.) If I had a man who could bank roll my dream, I’d quit my job too!

Before you roll your eyes too far into the back of your head, my note to you is not about quitting your job; it’s about the OPTIONS you have to create a career or business you love - right now.

Mona had options – she could stay on her job and maintain the independence she had grown accustomed to

…or she could lean on her husband for a while and accelerate the plan to succeed at work she loved.

Sure, Mona was fortunate to have that option, but no matter your circumstances – whether you are a single mom, caring for aging parents, about to send kids to college or living alone – you have options, too.

But if you’re like most women, you can’t see the myriad of options right in front of you to start doing work you love right now.

When you fail to see your options:

  • You end up staying in a job years longer than you should, believing that you’re stuck.

  • You miss opportunities right under your nose that could open the door for a more fulfilling career or business.

  • You end up worn out, burned out and stressed out, working way too hard to be good at work you know in your heart is not your sweet spot.

  • You get so bored and disengaged that you begin failing on the job, operating way below what you’re capable of.

  • You develop the “impostor syndrome”, becoming super insecure about your success, because you know you’re not bringing your best self to the table.

You don’t have to put off discovering, designing and getting highly paid to do work you love until all the stars align for you, (which will never happen anyway!).

You have options now.

One option might be to assume a different role in your current company (like Shannon did).

…to build your Perfect Work as a side gig (like Sue did).

…to take on a part-time consulting role doing your ideal work (like I did).

…or create just the right niche in a new business to have the quickest success in the marketplace (like Lori did).

Whatever option is best for you, your time is now.

And I’ve opened up my calendar for the next 72 hours to help you.

Let me partner with you to figure out the easiest and fastest strategy to transition you towards your Perfect Work right now.

Absolutely free.

Schedule time on my calendar HERE.

Wishing you every heart’s desire…

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