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DAY 6: 

The cost to be the boss...Are you sure you're cut out for entrepreneurship?

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The cost to be the boss...


All videos expire 72 hours post release. If you are registered, you will be invited to a short REPLAY period at the end of the series beginning January 6, and this interview will be available. If you are not registered, you can register here FREE.


Carolyn shares what she calls the Evolution of the Entrepreneur – the 4 unavoidable phases every woman goes through on the road to a successful business. You get to decide if you want to pay that price. She also lays out point by point the 5 pillars you must master to make your business thrive.
If you’re thinking about entrepreneurship, working a side hustle, or are full time in the business game, this is an interview you can't miss.


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Carolyn Herfurth  is THE thought partner that multiple six-figure business owners call when it’s time to pivot. She taps into her 17 years of business strategy, sales and franchise experience — and adds a wallop of creativity and fun through her Business Design Workshops — to breathe fresh life and profits into your service-based business. You can learn more about Carolyn at

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