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DAY 16: 

The Art of the Possible: How to Navigate the Adventures of Career and Business

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How to navigate the adventures of...



Renessa Boley Layne interviews Suzanne Grant, CEO of the Canadian Advanced Techonology Alliance.


You are in for such a refreshing, freeing perspective on how to navigate the adventures of career and business. Suzanne offers such gems of insights – driven by her personal mantra of “The Art of the Possible” – that make you realize that whatever you want to do is possible for you, too.


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Suzanne Grant, CEO of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. Suzanne is a Canadian veteran (military chick!) with a communications, engineering and intelligence background (wicked smart!). 

In 2013 she represented Startup Canada at President Obama's Global Entrepreneurship Summit (pretty cool!). She co-founded an award winning, state of the art, brain-machine interface med tech company, iBIONICs (mind blown, right?)! 

In 2019, Success Insights cited her as “Entrepreneur to Watch” (Props!)
Her list of accomplishments go on and on and on… 

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