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DAY 15: 

How to ask for what you want and negotiate your way to get it - in career, business and life

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How to ask for what you...



You’ve heard this in some form or fashion before:  If you don’t ask, you don’t get...A closed mouth won’t get fed...Ask and you shall receive.

But for some reason, as women, we still have the hardest time asking for what we want – be it a salary increase, promotion, top dollar from a client, a favor from a friend…or help around the house!


And that’s why I've invited Sara Laschever, author of the two groundbreaking books, Women Don't Ask and Ask for It: How Women Can Use Negotiation to Get What They Really Want to teach us all about asking for what you want...and getting it!


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An authority on women’s leadership, the persistence of the wage gap, and the multiple factors influencing women’s long-term career success, Sara Laschever has spent her career investigating the challenges that shape women’s lives at work.


She is the co-author, with Linda Babcock, of Women Don’t Ask, the groundbreaking study that focused public attention on the forces preventing women from negotiating on their own behalf, and Ask for It, a nuts-and-bolts negotiation training primer for women struggling to overcome the barriers in their path.

A highly sought-after speaker, Sara lectures and teaches workshops to corporate audiences, colleges and universities, law firms, government agencies, and women’s leadership conferences in the U.S. and around the world. 


A detailed, flexible, and effective tool to help you  prepare for high-stakes negotiations.

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