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DAY 12: 

How to succeed in your "side hustle" with more flow, ease and fulfillment



In this interview, Gina Fresquez shares how to succeed at a career or business you love with more flow, ease and fulfillment!


She reveals how to create “soulful goals” – a way to reverse engineer your goals and how you chase them so that your journey to success feels AH-MAZING!


She also shares “side hustle hacks” – clever ways to systematize your life and use time to your advantage – so that you have more freedom to actually create the career or business you love without burnout and overwhelm.


This interview is like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day! You'll finish so refreshed at the all possibilities at your fingertips to finally make your dreams a reality!


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Gina Fresquez, MS, CHC, is  Founder of Girls Weekend for Your Business Soul Retreat. She is an international speaker, best-selling author, and women’s success and leadership coach for high-achieving, ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders in male-dominated industries.

You can learn more about Gina at

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