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Why Looking "Successful" Is No Longer Enough

Ambition. Resourcefulness. Focus. Positivity. Willingness to take risks. Passion. Faith. Creativity. Charisma. Leadership. Follow-through…

Those are just some of the reasons women like you are simply awesome!

You carry an uncanny desire to contribute to the world and make it a more dynamic place. You live your life at a higher standard, and the purpose of that standard is often to give back to the people and causes you value most…

So when a parent or close friend is in need, they go to the one they know will get it done—you. And that’s a good thing…it's a very good thing.

But notice on the list of laurels above, that you don’t see the word “happy."

Because for a lot of women, all the "accomplishments" don’t produce happiness, and the conflict for many achievers is they think they have no right to feel unhappy or discontented or frustrated or depressed...because they are ambitious, resourceful, dynamic and all the other things on the why-I’m-so-awesome list!


To get more of the passion, purpose and balance you need to enjoy your success, it is important to first realize you deserve it.

Yes, you deserve it.

A problem happens when women use gratitude as an excuse for why they don’t deserve more “feel good” moments. They avoid making major decisions in life or stepping out on faith to get what they really want, instead settling for what they’ve been conditioned to want over the years.

But here's the truth:

If something is clearly not working in your life...maybe you're not happy in your business, and haven't been for years. Maybe you need to make a shift in your life that's been rubbing you raw. Those emotions are signals that something needs to change.

Your emotions are a gift. They often indicate when to start, when to stop, when to go, when to stay, when something is right and when something is wrong. But most of us view emotions as something to be controlled, subdued and mastered.

Obviously, there’s a time and place to act on our emotions.  But our emotions are our GPS, and s
uccessful people become masters at reading their emotions—that ever-still inner voice that rises when we do or do not want to do something.

It’s our internal compass.


People often underestimate the gift of emotion and the blessing of intuition, and instead hold out in situations far longer than they should, waiting for some “miraculous sign” - when losing 10 pounds or gaining 10 pounds or having insomnia or being consistently sick should be all the sign they need.

Sometimes, how your emotions respond is completely contrary to what logic is telling you, but passion speaks louder than logic...

Passion may be telling you to go in a particular direction, to pursue a dream, to make a move, to invest in yourself, yet your head is screaming, “You’ve got to be kidding me?! How in the world am I going to do that?”

If you snuff out passion's flame with the excuse that you just need to be content with what you have - to play it safe and not get your hopes up...(again) - then you’ll never experience the level of fulfillment you’re capable of achieving.

Or, you’ll hit material success yet miss the whole joy of living...

And there are few things more disillusioning than making it to the top only to discover the climb wasn’t worth the price you paid in the areas that matter most. You deserve more than just acting the part of success; you deserve to be the part – whatever that means for you.

Yes, you deserve more.

Not necessarily more accolades and trophies and standing ovations (though I'm all for that!)

You deserve more life, more laughter, more connection, more love, more passion, more energy, more depth, more substance… because that’s what makes the accolades and trophies and standing O’s meaningful.

But you know this already, don’t you?

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